Wenn man stumm ist, schreibt man seine Seele auf Papier.
Und manchmal schreibt man Geschichte.

One good reason

-“Give me one good reason to why you cut!“

-“You wouldn't understand even if I tried to tell you..“

-“Well try..“

-“ it's like... Imagine being in a room with the one person you hate most in this world, there's no windows or doors so you can't just get up and leave. This person sits there and yells at you, they tell you how fat, ugly, and wothless you are, how nobody in their right mind would ever want you in their life, and how you're better off dead. The only way to get that one person to shut up is being hurt them.. This is my head, there's voices telling me how fat, ugly and worthless I am, and if I don't hurt myself they don't shut up.. I can't escape my mind.. I can't win, I'm fucking insane“

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